Jeep Rental in Turin

Looking for a Jeep rental in Turin? Primerent is your one-stop solution: just pick your favourite Jeep model from the list below and pick it up in Turin the day you prefer.

Turin has been the first capital of Italy and with Milano and Venice, is one of the most relevant city of north Italy, in particular for the contribution in the Italian industrial field . Today Turin is a city with many cultural attractions. In this city are present a variety of museums, for example the museum of the automobile, the museum of the Egypt and the museum of the cinema, situated inside of the Mole Antonelliana, the building symbol of Turin. Furthermore in Turin is also possible to admire the Sacra Sindone (Holy Shroud), the shroud that wrapped Jesus body.

A brand that can create a whole new segment of the car, that's Jeep, the American manufacturer that marked the birth of the off-road segment and consequently of the SUV.
Drive from indomitable character capable of dealing with any route in any condition, this is the philosophy behind the Jeep, but also cars can provide maximum comfort in all driving situations, by virtue of the attention placed in technology and interior care. Today's Jeep cars are no longer just the symbol of the off-road, but cars suitable for all situations. 

So do not hesitate and book one of our Jeep today!
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