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Bergamo, the fourth most populous city in Lombardy, is divided into the Upper Town and the Lower Town. The most interesting part to see is certainly the Upper Town, easily reachable if you hire one of our luxury cars. You will be welcomed by the charm of a typical medieval town and you will enjoy the atmosphere of Piazza Vecchia, the main square of the city, decorated with the so-called Contarini fountain. A curiosity: observing the fountain you can see the presence of two small lions, which are not only a decorative choice but in this case are to represent Venice, the city under whose control was Bergamo in the second half of the eighteenth century.

Next to you stands the Palazzo della Ragione with its splendid arcades and the Civic Tower, called the Campanone: still today at 10 pm it takes 100 hits, the same ones that once announced the night-time closing of the gates of the walls. Moving slightly from Piazza Vecchia, the main street of the city, that is Via Colleoni. This is the heart of the Upper Town, where all the most important stores are concentrated; along it, you will arrive at Piazza della Cittadella, where the Civic Archaeological Museum is located. If you hire a luxury car in Bergamo, however, you can go along a piece of the ancient city walls, UNESCO heritage for their grandeur, and go to admire one of the undisputed masterpieces of this city, namely the Colleoni Chapel. It is a building born, it is said, by the arrogance of the Colleoni family and one of its exponents, Bartolomeo Colleoni, who brought down the previous sacristy of Santa Maria Maggiore to make room for the mausoleum that he wanted to dedicate to himself. True or not this legend, it is certain that this building in red and white marble will amaze you with its beauty. Come out of here, and with a look at the octagonal Baptistery that stands in front, you can, thanks to the rental of a luxury car, reach a beautiful place: the Carrara Academy Museum. Prestigious names of the Renaissance are exhibited here, from Botticelli to Raffaello. And, if you are hungry, with your luxury rental car in Bergamo you can have a happy hour among the clubs of Piazza Pontida, or reach Borgo Santa Caterina, full of bars and music

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