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An economic centre of international appeal, the capital of Italian fashion and design, Milan is certainly the Italian city where luxury and charm can be breathed. In the past, it was already considered the largest and richest city in Italy, as well as a lively cultural and artistic centre, so that its court turned out to be one of the most elegant and refined in Europe. Even now, this refinement is breathed in the city palaces: the headquarters of the prestigious Bocconi University, Villa Necchi Campiglio and Palazzo dell'Arengario are just some of the examples of the city's pomp. By renting a Mercedes in Milan you can have the opportunity to visit these wonders, but not only: wandering through the metropolis, you will have the opportunity to discover plenty of works of art, scattered in the museums and in the city's churches. Before you will see the Last Supper of Leonardo, the Dead Christ of Mantegna, the cartoon of the School of Athens by Raphael, the “Canestra di frutta” by Caravaggio, the Pietà Rondanini by Michelangelo and the Pala Montefeltro by Piero della Francesca.

Beyond that, as if that was not enough, by the hire of a Mercedes you can admire monuments, modern architecture buildings, churches and abbeys, which offer a variety of styles and even unusual details that are worth knowing. It is a monumental richness among the finest in Italy, amalgamated in the urban context and daily enjoyed by citizens and tourists.
An alternative but inalienable way is the new Porta Nuova district, which represents the contemporary face of Milan. The rental of a Mercedes will allow you to see the neighborhood, designed in 2009 by a pool of internationally renowned architects. They redesigned the area by providing a complex of various buildings, whose most significant are: the complex of towers overlooking Piazza Gae Aulenti, including the one hosting Unicredit bank offices - the highest in Italy- the Diamond Tower between Viale della Liberazione and Via Galilei, and the Bosco Verticale, two residential towers with planted terraces.

Renting a Mercedes in Milan, you can end your evening at the Ticinese district, one of the oldest in Milan and a popular meeting point for young people in the Milanese evenings, with a dense presence of clubs, cafes and restaurants. Alternatively, go to the Navigli, another cult place in Milan and one of the most popular areas of the city nightlife. On the Navigli, you can breathe the fascination of the "Milan city on the water". Charm even more enhanced by the presence of numerous venues and clubs, which have created a trend in the world of entertainment, followed at an international level.

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