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Italy is a nation of southern Europe: it is characterized by the shape similar to that of a boot "leaning" on the Mediterranean Sea. Precisely this location, the fact of being bathed on three sides by a wonderful sea, gives you breathtaking views and unspoiled landscapes. One of the most appreciated features is exactly the great variety of landscapes you run into. They range from the industrial and dynamic views of northern Italy to the typical and lazy mountain or sea villages of southern Italy, where it seems that time has stopped. To fully experience this multifaceted Italian atmosphere, there is no better way than car rental and travelling slowly through all its streets. Whether it is a business trip or a pleasure trip, you will have the opportunity to discover with due attention every detail of this beautiful peninsula, which also preserves in its most forgotten country a historical or artistic testimony that is worth knowing. And, if it does not exist, you will at least enjoy the good food and the warmth of its inhabitants, what is itself a worth living experience.

In fact, Italy retains a good part of the world's artistic heritage, made up of churches, monuments and works of art, but it is not only this: it is also the beauty of the historical centres, the cordiality of its people, the pleasantness of the weather, the absolute goodness of his cuisine. It is a set of many things. If you rent a Porsche in Italy you will have the possibility to discover places, anecdotes, curiosities, legends, characters. A trip to Italy is a guarantee of unique and unexpected emotions: the sight of the ruins of a castle, a walk in an archaeological excavation, or simply the narrow street of a small village that has already conquered us for its historical charm will be experiences not to forget, especially if done on board of a Porsche. Rent luxury cars in Rome, Milan, Florence and Venice with PRIMERENT.

Founded by Ferdinand Porsche at the beginning of the 1930s, Porsche is the German sports car par excellence. Porsche has been able over the years to keep the combination of cutting-edge technology and classic style untouched in a unique way, keeping the style intact, synonymous with power, without giving up tradition. In fact, every model of the Stuttgart manufacturer holds the best of automotive engineering, but also classic elements taken from its long history.

This mix of innovation and tradition is tangible in the iconic model of the German company, the Porsche 911, equipped with the distinctive booster engine and with a design that still recalls the first generation of the Porsche supercar. Despite the almost fifty years of life of this model, it still remains the benchmark for all sports cars in terms of design and performance. An unmistakable brand that has dominated the luxury car sector for over eighty years. Hire a Porsche in Italy for your next journey!

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