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Were found 3 models in the category
Were found 3 models in the category

Lamborghini rental in Italy

Find out how to rent a Lamborghini everywhere in Italy and in Southern Europe. 

Discover how to rent a Lamborghini in Italy, Spain, Germany, Switzerland and France. 

This year, Lamborghini celebrates its 100th birthday. For over 100 years Lamborghini has been the Italian brand that represents innovation and luxury worldwide. Primerent offers you the chance to drive one of the most elegant and coveted sports cars in the world. 

You have a chance to drive a Lamborghini yourself in one of Europe’s most important destination cities. Imagine yourself cruising down Via del Corso in Rome behind the wheel of a Lamborghini. Milan, the fashion capital of Europe, is made for the luxury, elegance and style of a Lamborghini. 

Or perhaps you prefer to rent a Lamborghini and drive it down the stunning coastline of Barcelona. If you see yourself in the most important German cities, like Frankfurt, Munich or Berlin, Primerent will supply you with the Lamborghini of your dreams. A cruise down the lakefront in Zurich could not be more luxurious than with a Lamborghini model like the Gallardo Spider or the Huracan. And Paris, the city of lights, becomes even more beautiful when riding in the most luxurious supercar on the planet. 

Primerent currently offers two models of Lamborghini for hire. First, the spectacular Lamborghini Gallardo Spider. This model is considered the convertible luxury car par excellence all over the world. Although it is famous for its stunning design and unprecedented comfort, the 540 hp engine can reach top speeds of 324 km/h. Or maybe you prefer the Lamborghini Huracan, with a 610 hp V10 engine and a compact and sleek profile. The angular and aggressive lines suggest a futuristic Italian supercar. 

To get more information about Lamborghini rental in Italy, Spain, Germany, Switzerland and France, take a look at the technical details page for each model. Then simply fill out a request form and Primerent will contact you with a quote as soon as possible. 

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