Hiring a Tesla Model S means driving the first high-performance electric sedan in history, a car that is the brainchild of futurism and vision of Elon Musk, founder of the American brand Tesla.

Engine power
422 cv
Engine capacity
Maximum speed
250 Km/h
Caratteristiche aggiuntive
Full Electric
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Rent Tesla Model S


The main feature of this car, as well as that of each model of the manufacturer with stars and stripes, is the all-electric drive. In fact, while renting the Tesla Model S, you will find yourself behind the wheel of a car driven exclusively by electricity and, therefore, capable of producing zero polluting emissions. The classic combustion engine, in fact, is not present and is replaced by two electric units, one on the front axle and one on the rear axle. The result of all this is palpable in the same rental of the Tesla Model S. ____
Rent Tesla Model S


The march is very quiet, with the only perceived noise that is that of the rustle of the wind, among other things well-muffled by the excellent soundproofing of the interior. Traveling on board this car is not only something extremely environmentally friendly, but it is a very comfortable experience, so much so that the Tesla Model S is the best of the German flagships. Aesthetically, the American sedan, has a tapered and very clean line that makes it elegant and pleasing to the eye. ____
Rent Tesla Model S


The headlights are cut and the grille is thin, while on the sides there are totally no outlets that could "dirty" the line.The interiors, however, are well maintained and technologically advanced, with the huge touch screen that dominates the central dashboard and , during the rental of the Tesla Model S, it plays a crucial role: through this tool it is in fact possible to manage the different functions of the car and adjust some of its parameters, as well as consult the navigator in the easiest way possible, precisely because of the large size of the screen. Hiring a Tesla Model S, however, also puts you in a position to try the amazing performance of this electric car. Just the particular power, together with four-wheel drive, allow the sedan to stars and stripes to shoot from firm as the best of sports, and easily overcome the 200 km / h. Here, then, that the rental of a Tesla Model S turns out to be, simultaneously with that of an elegant and comfortable travel car, even that of an exciting car. Technologically, then, this model of the American manufacturer adopts very advanced functions, such as adaptive headlights, the monitoring system of consumption in real time, and the software update system via ether. ____
Rent Tesla Model S


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