Rent luxury car / LUXURY SUV - 4X4 / Land Rover Range Rover Vogue PHEV
Engine power
240 hp
Engine capacity
2.993 cc
Maximum speed
209 Km/h
Tank capacity
86 lt.
Land Rover Range Rover Vogue PHEV

Rent Land Rover Range Rover Vogue PHEV

Choosing the Land Rover Range Rover Vogue Phev hire is like getting behind the wheel of one of the most exclusive SUVs in the automotive industry.
This model of the English house, in fact, is a fantastic mix of elegance and comfort, but it is also a car designed to face some of the toughest driving conditions.

The Land Rover SUV, especially because of its height, can not fail to impress for its abundant and impressive dimensions, which make the Land Rover Range Rover Vogue Phev rental the best choice for anyone who wants a car that can offer space and comfort .
The cockpit is able to ensure a habitability of first reference, inside all the occupants are in fact large space, both for the legs and in height, and are housed on really comfortable seats.
Hiring the Land Rover Range Rover Vogue Phev, therefore, puts in the conditions of living in total comfort any journey, without having to put aside elegance and charm, due to the lines and materials chosen by the English house.

Rental of the Land Rover Range Rover Vogue Phev, therefore, allows you to drive a very sophisticated looking SUV.
The design of the Anglo-Saxon Sport Utility Vehicle is in fact very intriguing, thanks to a balance of shapes and elements that, despite the large size of the car, make its appearance harmonious. The honeycomb grid and the elaborate pattern of the headlights, in fact, give a refined look to the front, while the side air vents, with the unmistakable vertical development, make the design of the sides unique.

Leasing a Land Rover Range Rover Vogue Phev, then, can only guarantee the typical driving skills of a British car, Land Rover is always famous for its off-road vehicles.
The stability, the power and the driving aid systems allow you to overcome the steepest slopes and to disengage even in the most challenging and uneven dirt road, as well as to ensure safe driving in complicated weather conditions.
At the same time, however, the soundproofing of the passenger compartment makes the longest journey comfortable, to the point that renting a Land Rover Range Rover Vogue Phevwill allow you to reach your destination in complete relaxation, even when the miles to be grinded will be so many .

To get more details, and better understand how to rent a Land Rover Range Rover Vogue Phev, you can fill out the availability request form our website. A PRIMERENT consultant will contact you in 24 hours to present you the rental form of the Land Rover Range Rover Vogue Phev that best suits your needs.

To offer you the best assistance, the personal consultant dedicated to you will remain at your disposal for the entire duration of the rental of the Land Rover Range Rover Vogue Phev, in order to offer you the best support possible in case of need.