Rent luxury car / Luxury Sedan / Mercedes-Benz Classe E Station Wagon
Engine power
194 hp
Engine capacity
1.950 cc
Maximum speed
231 Km/h
Tank capacity
60 lt.
Mercedes-Benz Classe E Station Wagon

Rent Mercedes-Benz Classe E Station Wagon

Renting a Mercedes Benz E-Class Station Wagon let you get two cars in one, a station wagon and a SUV at the same time.
From an aesthetic point of view, the Mercedes Benz E-Class Station Wagon looks like a station wagon, the available seats are 5 and the long rear makes the trunk spacious right like you would expect from a space wagon car.
Even though it recalls a car suitable for the dirt tracks due to the protections places at the bumpers and along the sides of the car, its mechanical features make this vehicle a SUV.
During the rental of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Station Wagon, you can trust on some driving support systems. The technological equipment of this car includes the following items:

- All-wheel drive;

- An Air suspension system that let increase the height from the ground;
- Dynamic Select, an exclusive system of the German brand. It works on engine, gearshift, steering wheel, stability control and let the vehicle adapt to an off-road driving.

This model can easily ride light dirt roads, its systems support the all-wheel drive.
Renting a Mercedes-Benz E-Class Station Wagon EQ-Power means, first of all, choosing a station wagon and, consequently, a spacious and comfortable car.
Both the back and the front seats give the occupants relax, the truck allows you to bring along many bags in a variety of sizes, and the interior equipment includes a technologically advanced dashboard, a large display, and all the driving tools.
All these high-level comforts make the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Station Wagon  the ideal choice for long journeys. 

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Also, the personal PRIMERENT expert will be at your complete disposal even during the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Station Wagon driving performance to give you all the necessary support and feel you comfortable.

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