Rent luxury car / LUXURY SUV - 4X4 / Mercedes-Benz GLE
Engine power
258 hp
Engine capacity
2.987 cc
Maximum speed
225 Km/h
Tank capacity
93 lt.
Mercedes-Benz GLE

Rent Mercedes-Benz GLE

Renting the Mercedes-Benz GLE means choosing the typical Mercedes-Benz SUV, powerful and impressive, but still refined.

At the very first glance, the Sport Utility Vehicle from Stuttgart communicates a sense of safety and power, thanks to its unique design, where the high nose and the truncated tail give the Mercedes-Benz GLE a muscular and massive profile, with the design of the headlights and the generous dimensions of bumpers and wheel arches that further amplify the impressive shape of the car.
The SUV with the three-pointed star seems ready to overtake the road, a feeling that becomes even more visible during the rental of the Mercedes-Benz GLE. Once driving, in fact, the high driving position and the high belt line convey safety and control, both in the city and along dirt roads, where in the latter case it is also supported by the refined electronics developed by the German brand.

The interior of the Mercedes-Benz GLE is cared for and rational, the goal is to ensure comfort while traveling for all occupants but also a good control of the driving situation, regardless of its nature.

The on-board computer screen, also used as a navigator, is in fact placed in the highest part of the central console, so that, during the Mercedes-Benz GLE rental, all information is always easily readable in every moment. The same principle has been followed for the commands related to the infotainment functions, the choice to place them on the steering wheel is due to the desire to allow easy use without being distracted while driving.

Renting a Mercedes-Benz GLE will allow you to drive a car created to dominate the road, from get around the city or to work, to the most challenging dirt road, always ensuring maximum safety and total control of driving, with the attention to style that has always distinguished Mercedes-Benz cars.

To receive all the information on how to rent the Mercedes-Benz GLE fill in the availability request form, one of our consultants will contact you within 24 hours to show you the type of rental of the Mercedes-Benz GLE that best suits your needs.
In order to offer you maximum assistance, the PRIMERENT personal advisor will remain at your disposal for the entire duration of your Mercedes-Benz GLE rental.
  • Rent Mercedes-Benz GLE in Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany | Primerentcar
  • Rent Mercedes-Benz GLE in Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany | Primerentcar
  • Rent Mercedes-Benz GLE in Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany | Primerentcar
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