Rent luxury car / LUXURY SUV - 4X4 / Land Rover Range Rover Velar
Engine power
240 hp
Engine capacity
1.999 cc
Maximum speed
217 Km/h
Tank capacity
60 lt.
Land Rover Range Rover Velar

Rent Land Rover Range Rover Velar

Renting a Range Rover Velar means opting for a medium size Land Rover with appealing design.

Range Rover Velar has elegant and avant-garde lines, that inspire refinement and integrity. The outline of the Range Rover Velar is dominated by its tapered windshield and sloped rear window whose lines are opposed by the trend of the spoiler. The result is a balanced and fluid outline that gives this SUV a unique charm, immediately palpable since the first few minutes you hire the Range Rover Velar.
The typical design elements of the English brand such as the optical units and the lateral decorations are reinterpreted in a more futuristic way and deeply blend within this SUV meaning that hiring the range Rover Velar teleports you immediately in the Land Rover world.

Proof of the attention given when developing the design of the Range Rover Velar is the muffler, drowned within the back bumper and framed by a chromed profile, solution that cleans up the back outlines of the car offering a more refined look. 

As its exteriors, even the interiors of the range Rover Velar are true avant-garde.
Attention to quality is a must with Land Rover offering a top quality finishing, all for the benefit of the five passengers during the rental of the Range Rover Velar.
The true innovation concerning the interiors of the Land Rover SUV is, once again, the futuristic approach that can be admired in the digital touch screen display of the main board. This was thought to help facilitate the use of the various systems that equip the car.

Renting the Range Rover Velar means choosing an elegant but innovative SUV, that simply cannot go unnoticed.

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