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Engine power
204 hp
Engine capacity
1.395 cc
Maximum speed
222 Km/h
Tank capacity
50 lt.


The rental of the Volkswagen Golf GTE combines the need for alternative mobility, given by the power supply, to the line and the philosophy of an unmistakable car, which has now become the symbol of the Wolfsburg house.

For this Golf, the German brand has adopted a Plug-in hybrid solution, which combines the presence of an electric motor with that of a thermal one.
The batteries can be recharged either through the traditional thermal engine or by connecting the car to an electrical outlet with the supplied cable. Precisely the presence of the double engine, it provides 5 possible driving modes, including the fully electric one. Renting the Volkswagen Golf GTE allows you to drive in hybrid mode, relying at the same time to the two engines and thus obtaining maximum power, or in zero emission mode, relying only on the electric engine. Depending on the case, therefore, driving this car allows you to enjoy both the rental of an electric car, as that of a sports car.

Thanks to the two engines, moreover, the Golf GTE proves to be a really performing car.
The thermal engine is in fact accredited by 150 hp, while the electric engine is able to deliver 102, the final result, when the two units work simultaneously, is a power of 204 hp. The "cavalry" of the car of Wolfsburg also ensures a maximum speed of 222 km / h and a 0-100 km / h in 7.6 seconds, to which is added the possibility to travel totally in electric up to 130 km / h.

Hiring the Volkswagen Golf GTE, therefore, also ensures a sporty and exciting driving, surprising so those who think that the rental of an electric car, or a hybrid, is not a fun experience.

The Pulg-in version of the best seller of the Wolfsburg house is aesthetically identical to the "traditional" one, on the contrary it incorporates many details of the GTI sports car, with the latter making it particularly aggressive.
The trim is sporty, the exhaust is double, the seats are shaped and the steering wheel is small and cut below, all typical elements of a car with great dynamism.
Despite all this, however, the German car is at the same time very comfortable.
The typical aesthetics of the Golf, made of a high roof and a truncated tail, in fact makes the interior large and comfortable for 5 people. Renting a Volkswagen Golf GTE, then, will ensure even more comfort when you rely on the all-electric propulsion. The absence of noise, guaranteed by the electric motor, in fact, will only make your journey even more comfortable.

If you want to rent an electric car, and you would like more information on the rental of the Volkswagen Golf GTE, fill in the fields on the availability request form. One of our consultants will contact you within 24 hours, so as to help you rent the Volkswagen Golf GTE with the formula that best suits your needs, and thus facilitate you in this experience.

Furthermore, the PRIMERENT personal consultant will be at your complete disposal during the use of this car, ready to provide you with all the help you may need. In this way you will have the opportunity to experience the rental of the Volkswagen Golf GTE in complete serenity.