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Engine power
408 hp
Engine capacity
125 kW
Maximum speed
200 km/h
Tank capacity
400 km
Audi e-tron

Noleggio Audi e-tron

Audi e-tron the first zero-emission SUV from Audi. Choose the Audi e-tron rental with Primerent and experience the innovative driving style of Audi's first electric SUV, maximum comfort without giving up high-level performance.

The new e-tron is equipped with two electric motors capable of delivering up to 408 hp, thus ensuring maximum performance in all conditions, without compromising. The electric four-wheel drive, combined with a high-voltage battery that guarantees a range of over 400 kilometers in the WLTP cycle, makes the new Audi SUV perfect for traveling wherever your desires lead, without giving up comfort and real sports performance.

The Audi e-tron innovations go beyond performance to the compact charging system: a simpler charging system that allows you to charge your SUV directly from your home. The system connects to a standard 230 Volt domestic socket and the Audi e-tron is fully charged in less than nine hours. The optional "connect" system doubles the charging power up to 22 Kw. Renting Audi e-tron is even simpler thanks to the powerful high-voltage battery of the Audi e-tron assures a range of more than 400 kilometers; if you were to face a particularly long journey, the advanced lithium-ion battery thermal management system allows the car to recharge in less than half an hour, with a power of up to 150 kW.

Travel comfort even on board. The cabin is designed to maximize the driving experience and make every journey an experience full of comfort. the Plank wraps the driver in a single arc that extends to the three-dimensional finish of the doors. Every detail is designed to convey elegance and sportiness.

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