Bentley Continental GT Rental

____ The Bentley Continental GT is inspired by the legendary models of the past using the latest technology.

Engine power
542 hp
Engine capacity
5.998 cc
Maximum speed
318 Km/h
Caratteristiche aggiuntive
V8 542 cv
Rent Bentley Continental GT


Its round and sharp details draw the eye that follows the contour of the front wheels to the rear fenders. The coupé has an engine capacity of 5998 ccs and the automatic transmission: an elegant and comfortable sports car for those who want only the best. ____
Rent Bentley Continental GT


The Bentley Continental GT uses Volkswagen D3 platform, the other models that use the same platform are Audi A8 and Volkswagen Phaeton. The engine is a 6-litre, 12 cylinder W to 72 º (two-cylinder banks at 90 º, each with cylinder V 15 º), supercharged by two turbochargers, has an engine power of 560 hp at 6100 rpm/min, and a pair of 650 nm at 1600 r / min. Four-wheel drive, a six-speed gearbox is electronically controlled automatic with the possibility of sequential manual use. Top speed 318 km / h, acceleration 0-100 km / h in 4.8 seconds. 370 dm3 luggage compartment, fuel tank capacity 90 litres. Consumption: urban (26.2 litres/100 km) Extra-urban (11.9 litres/100 km), mixed (17.1 litres/100 km). CO2 emissions (combined): 410g/km.____
Rent Bentley Continental GT


If you are interested in hiring a Bentley car you can submit a request for information by clicking the 'Check availability' button. Within 24 hours our consultants will process your question and we’ll contact you by e-mail. Primerent rental Bentley is in Rome and Milan and has an exclusive car fleet periodically renewed. You can arrange deliveries throughout Italy and Europe.____