____Renting a BMW X5 is the same as choosing a car that has made the history of SUVs, a model that is therefore already iconic in itself.

Engine power
306 hp
Engine capacity
3000 cc
Maximum speed
250 km/h
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Caratteristiche aggiuntive
45e xDrive M-Sport PHEV
Rent BMW X5


Thanks to its unmistakable lines, the new BMW X5 contains sportiness and elegance. High from the ground, powerful and elegant. More than an SUV, the car is an extraordinarily powerful sports car: the design with its bold lines heralds the car's high performance which ensures comfort, safety and driving pleasure both on short and long journeys.
The rental of the BMW X5 also provides a high technological background, due to the many help devices for the driving, ranging from simple parking sensors to sophisticated traction and stability control systems. ____
Rent BMW X5


The rental of the BMW X5 is thus perfect for a comfortable journey, a situation in which the spacious interior and the large trunk will be able to welcome passengers and their personal effects in the best way.T he technical qualities of the propeller SUV, however, guarantee at the same time a casual and performance driving.The BMW engine is a real safety, while the chassis and shock absorbers allow you to tackle the most rugged and demanding routes. ____
Rent BMW X5


The BMW SUV then has an unmistakable design.The marked lines and the molded edges express personality and excellence. The elegant and at the same time impressive air intakes and the matt silver platforms highlight its greatness. The long snout, on the other hand, helps to propel the car's profile forward. The German SUV therefore appears as a solid and safe air vehicle, ready to attack the road.However, hiring a BMW X5 also means enjoying the highest level of comfort. The interiors are of fine wood, the leather is finely crafted and the details are cared for down to the smallest detail to make each place special. The trunk has a split tailgate, which makes it easy to load and unload luggage.Renting the BMW X5 provides, in the case of its 7-seater version, a third row of seats, which can still be folded completely so as not to affect the load capacity.____
Rent BMW X5


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