An elegant touring car with an exciting performance, the Ferrari California T rental combines the pleasure of driving with the emotions that only being at the wheel of a Ferrari is able to give away.

Two are the main features of the Ferrari California T.
The first is the rigid electric opening roof, capable of isolating perfectly from the outside and transforming the pony GranTurismo into a stylish convertible in a few seconds, while the second is the turbo engine, which gives the car a distinctive sound and clearly personal.
The rental of the Ferrari California T, therefore, ensures a comfortable journey, when you march with the closed hood, but also exclusive, when instead you decide to travel with the wind in your hair.
The unmistakable sound of the turbo engine, and its characteristic output, are then able to make the driving of this car "electrified in Maranello." Hiring a Ferrari California T guarantees, therefore, the emotions of driving a sports car full-blown.

The particular engine solution then characterizes the name of the car, Ferrari California T, where the letter T specifically explains the turbo propulsion.
The engine of this car is a supercharged V8 with 3.855 ccs, elements that make the creation of Maranello able to burn the 0 - 100 km / h in just 3.6 seconds and reach the maximum speed of 316 km / h. The ceramic-ceramic brakes and sophisticated suspensions, on the other hand, keep that power at bay and support the driver during the Ferrari California T rental.

The typical 2 + 2 configuration of the touring cars also distinguishes the interior of this horse car, where everything has been designed to guarantee maximum driving pleasure and exclusivity. At the centre of the dashboard is the turbo digital indicator, a detail that shines through the typical sporting spirit of every Ferrari.
Renting a Ferrari California T, sitting well wrapped in sports seats and clutching his steering wheel in his hands from the racing profile, can not fail to immediately perceive the potential of this car, while a jolt of adrenaline will cross the body as soon as the key is pressed the ignition.

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Engine power
560 hp
Engine capacity
3855 cc
Maximum speed
316 km/h