Renting a Ferrari Portofino let you appreciate the pleasure of driving an elegant and powerful Gran Turismo car designed by the Maranello brand without forgetting its exclusive features as a Cabrio.

    Engine power
    560 hp
    Engine capacity
    3.855 cc
    Maximum speed
    320 Km/h
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    Caratteristiche aggiuntive
    560 cv
    Rent Ferrari Portofino


    The Ferrari Portofino shows itself as a real sports car. Its V8 600-horsepower engine let this vehicle reach 0-100km/h in just 3,5 seconds and 320km/h as top speed. Its numbers are the ones a "prancing horse” vehicle must have, and, therefore, it can be considered a great supercar. Hiring a Ferrari Portofino will be an exciting and unequalled experience. This Italian Gran Turismo stands for a fierce supercar, but it is also a sports car more than the previous ones made by this Italian brand. The front spoiler, the middle wide grille that looks like a wide-open mouth, the other two angular intakes cut into the bumper, give the driver the sensation of a car ready to dominate the road. That sensation comes true for those who decide to rent a vehicle as to the Ferrari Portofino, eager to experience the excellent qualities during the driving.____
    Rent Ferrari Portofino


    The brawn hood with the slits for the engine heat reduction, and the sharp lights, give more than anything else the idea of a sports and dynamic car, main features of the Ferrari Gran Turismo vehicles. The Ferrari Portofino model made in Maranello, distinguishes itself even for the door sills and wide wheelhouse, typical elements of a sports car. That is proof that renting a Ferrari Portofino could let you feel the thrill of driving a supercar. If you watch the line of the Ferrari Portofino by the side, it looks like a coupè, ready to turns into a Cabrio as soon as the roof opens up through an easy electronic system.____
    Rent Ferrari Portofino


    Even this Ferrari sports car is suitable to let 4 people sit comfortable, the cockpit is clearly designed to reach high standards of sports performance. The front seats are the ones of a supercar, they seem to wrap both the passenger and driver as soon as they sit, the steering wheel houses the switch to select the driving mode, and it is flat at the bottom to make the driving control easier during a dynamic performance. The connotative display placed on the dashboard facing the passenger let the occupant check the speedometer, the number of the engine revolutions and the gear to give the chance to enjoy the control of a Ferrari Portofino Gran Turismo. ____ 
    Rent Ferrari Portofino


    To learn more on how to rent a Ferrari Portofino, fill out the availability request form, a consultant will get in touch with you within 24 hours to assist you in renting the Ferrari Portofino by choosing the set that suits your needs and facilitating your experience. Also, the personal PRIMERENT expert will be at your complete disposal even during the driving performance to give you all the necessary support and make you feel comfortable.____