Mercedes redefines the standards of the station wagons with the CLS Shooting Brake, a car with sporty character and muscular style.

The design of the Mercedes’s station wagon is different from each car of this sector, the unique profile of the back door gives a racy look, really different from the clumsy appearance that usually has a station wagon. 

The sporty DNA of the Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake, instead, is clearly defined by the high profile of the doors and by the two exhausts.
At the wide and high quality interiors is added the big luggage van with wooden floor and large capacity.

Fill out the online form to rent the new Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake. A consultant will illustrate you the type of rent more suitable for you, and will allow you to rent the new Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake at the conditions that you prefer. 

Engine power
205 hp
Engine capacity
2143 cc
Maximum speed
210 Km/h