The following requirements are mandatory in order to rent with PRIME srl. All documents must be submitted to our office before picking up the car. DRIVING LICENCE: - The original license must be presented, and must be in the name of the driver; - Must be valid for the entire rental period; - It xsouldn’t be abraded or deteriorated which can affect the legibility; - It should not have any corrections unless they are certified by the issuing authority with a stamp; - Driving licences without a photo (like the ones in GB) or in illegible scripts must be accompanied by an International Driving Licence. - An exception is the driving licence accompanied by a translation of the Consulate or by the Italian Automobile Club, and the driving licenses issued in Greece in greek character, provided that it says "Permis de conduire" of the European Community. - Driving licenses of non-EU citizens resident in Italy for more than one year are no longer valid, while the validity of EU citizens is stated on the document itself; - Foreign customers, who pay by credit card or cash together with the driving license must submit a second ID document. AGE RESTRICTIONS: - The minimum age is 25 years; - The driver must have held his/her driving licence for a minimum of 1 year. DEPOSIT - Credit Cards: the credit card should belong to the holder of the rental contract, and should be issued by VISA / MASTERCARD / AMEX. In case 2 credit cards are required they must be of 2 different circuits (one not belonging to the Visa / MasterCard) and both registered in renter’s name. Pre-paid credit cards or debit cards (for example Visa Electron, Postpay, Bancomat ecc) are not accepted at any time. - Bank account cheques or cash are accepted in different ways and measures. For this type of qualification please contact our Booking office at +39 0633220167 and ask for major information.