It is important to know that there are certain special rules regarding Client "eligibility" for rental which are aimed at ascertaining whether or not the Client can be entrusted with a vehicle. Companies that rent vehicles are subject to precise legal responsibilities (including checking identification and driving licenses and checking for any obvious inability of drivers) and they must comply with due diligence which requires extra care when dealing with certain driver categories (young drivers, recognized validity of the driver's license and its possible translation, and others). Special guarantees for payment of the rental which could be extended or require repairs (Credit Card) must also be obtained. The primary indications are listed below. Driver's License – Personal Eligibility Each driver must present an original copy of his/her Driver's License, which was issued at least 12 months before rental. Driver's Licenses written in illegible characters or those without photos must be accompanied by an International Driver's License, with the exception of licenses accompanied by a special translation issued by ACI or the Consulate, and licenses issued in Greece which contain the EEC wording "Permis de Conduire". The documents must be originals that are not worn, are legible and are valid during the rental period. Beyond their Driver's License, it is also necessary for EU citizens to present their ID and for non-EU citizens to present their international driving license and passport. Credit Card – Financial Eligibility The following types of Credit Cards are accepted for the pre-payment of rental, due at time of reservation confirmation, and for the security deposit required to cover the deductible amount at client’s responsibility, due prior to the start of rental: VISA / MASTERCARD / AMEX Pre-Paid/Electronic debit (bancomat) cards are not accepted. Prime requires that the Customer have and use two credit cards, both in his name and issued by different circuit. Alternatively, a single card may be accepted, subject to Prime approval, from among the following: American Express Gold, Platinum, Centurion; Visa Gold, Platinum and Mastercard Oro. Driving the Vehicle Drivers must be at least 25 years old for to rent a vehicle, 30 years for some category or type of vehicle. The failure to meet even one of the mentioned requirements makes it impossible for "Prime” to provide the vehicle.