Monthly rental
The long-term car rental is an alternative solution to the property that allows you to rent a vehicle against a fixed monthly fee, whose amount is determined according to the contract term, the mileage, the brand and model of vehicle chosen and the type of services subscribed. By opting for long term car rental in Italy at Primerentcar, the customer can avoid the unnecessary lock up capital.

The strong points of the long-term rentals are simplicity and transparency. Choosing medium and long-term rental customers will not have to worry about tasks related to the handling of the vehicle and used vehicle sales. All at a fixed monthly fee with no surprises.

Monthly rental was conceived for those who don’t want to renounce comfort and elegance neither during longer periods of time.

It is an ideal solution for a long vacation, for a job transfer, because your car is being repaired, or simply because each month you want to try a thrill of driving a different car.

Relying on a specialized company such as Primerent you can avoid waste of time and energy to devote yourself entirely to your core business.

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