Mini Rental in Bremen

Looking for a Mini rental in Bremen? Primerent is your one-stop solution: just pick your favourite Mini model from the list below and pick it up in Bremen the day you prefer.

Located along the river Weser, Bremen is a city of the north west of Germany. With its two huge tower, the cathedral of Saint Petri is the main monument that is possible to visit in this German city, but itメs only one of the monuments and attractions that derive from the mediaeval epoque, really beautiful is also the Schnoor, a neighborhood in full mediaeval style. Distinctive of Brema is also the fluvial port, the second for relevance in Germany.

Mini is the British brand which, thanks to the invention of the Cooper, has revolutionized the history of the car, creating for the first time the concept of a small but dynamic and fun to drive, that gives a nod to a young and active target .
The values that have marked the first Cooper are still typical of each model produced by Mini, whose range is widely differentiated thanks to the cabrio, coupe and SUV's versions of the great  English classic.

So do not hesitate and book one of our Mini today!
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