Suv car rental in France

Renting a Suv car in France is fast and easy with Primerent's international rental services.

France is known to be the largest European country. Located in Western Europe, the republic of France stretches from the North Sea to the English Channel. World-wide known for The French Alps and Pyrenees, area  surrounded by very high mountains. France is also known for the variety of wonderful landscapes and islands. Prime rent car offers the service to rent luxury cars in Paris, Nice, Marseille, Lyon and Cote d’Azur.
Stands for Sport Utily vehicles is characterized by car suitable for use on any terrain but able to ensure optimum levels of comfort even for everyday life.
The category of SUVs, more and more popular is characterized by  elegant but imposing cars.
A type of car that is suitable for any occasion, true luxury cars with high performance with the features of the off roads.

The most representative brands we are:
• Mercedes-Benz with GL and ML
• BMW with BMW X5
• Land rover with Ranger Sport and Ranger Rover Autobioghaphy

So do not hesitate and book one of our 41 Suv car today inFrance.
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