Rent luxury car in Venice

If you want to rent a luxury car in Venice for an exclusive holiday or an important business trip, Primerent is the ideal solution for you.

Through the pick-up service anywhere in Venice and in Italy, you can rent the model of luxury cars you prefer in any place and at any time of the day. Built on a lagoon, Venice is probably one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in Italy, considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, for its history and culture but also for its structure, consisting of a mix of stilts, canals and bridges. 
To reach it, simply walk along the bridge Ponte della Libertà, aboard our luxury cars, and you will immediately find yourself in the Pearl of the lagoon. Its innumerable bridges, the evocative corners scattered all over the place, the churches, the villas and the so-called "calli", the characteristic Venetian alleys, will lead you to discover new, romantic and suggestive landscapes. You can admire the buildings that hosted Casanova's love adventures, or the landscapes that inspired Canaletto's paintings.
Renting a luxury car in Venice, you can easily reach the jetties to leave to discover Burano, the island of coloured houses, or to Murano, the homeland of glass. You can stop to taste something at Harry's bar, a historic place where Bellini was born, the most famous pre-dinner cocktail in the world, or you can let yourself be enchanted by the Giudecca Island, a corner of peace and nature. The extreme convenience of a luxury car rental, combined with the elegance of our car fleet, will be the best way to facilitate your stay, whether you are here for business or leisure. In case you want to explore the surroundings, the choice is always very wide.
With a luxury car hire in Venice, the vehicle will be delivered to you wherever you want and you will be able to discover the little corners of beauty surrounding Venice. Driving to Venice is not possible, but the mainland around the lagoon city is full of attractions. The best time to visit Venice is certainly during February, in the month of the carnival, when, in fact, you can experience a truly magical atmosphere, with the immense Piazza San Marco full of people dressed in traditional costumes.
After being in Venice, you might want to explore the Strada dei Castelli, the road that leads to Turin passing through Milan: a real tour of Northern Italy between cities of art and fashion capitals, easily reachable with our car rental, to fully live an experience of luxury and relaxation. Alternatively, you can travel in complete tranquility along those small coastal roads that reserve breathtaking landscapes at every step. Thanks to the ease of our luxury car hire, you will be able to reach the typical fishing villages away from mass tourism where you can find the love for the sea and the good food that characterize these areas. 

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