Rent luxury car in Spain

Whether you find yourself in Spain for business or pleasure, the best way to see the country is behind the wheel of a beautiful automobile.
Primerent car can help you find the luxury car rental in Spain that is perfect for you. Whether you desire a sports car, luxury SUV, convertible or luxury sedan, Primerent has an entire fleet of exotic cars. Our expert staff is dedicated to your satisfaction and wants to give you the best experience possible in exotic car rental in Spain.
Imagine yourself cruising up the mountain roads of central Spain behind the wheel of a Porsche 911 convertible on the island of Ibiza. It is in the Balearic islands in the Mediterranean Sea. It is famous for its lively nightlife in the towns of Sant Antoni and Ibiza Town. These towns come to life in the summer at many of the most famous nightclubs in Europe. There are also quiet towns, yoga retreats, and tranquil sandy coves found all around Ibiza’s gorgeous coastline.
Perhaps you would like to spend your vacation on the beach. With Primerent, you can get luxury car hire in Spain and drive your exotic car of choice to Madrid. It is the central capital of Spain and is famous for its elegant boulevards. Imagine yourself behind the wheel of an exotic car cruising down one of these expansive boulevards. Of course, don’t forget to park and take a look at the stupendous art museums like the Prado Museum which holds pieces by Goya, Velàquez, and many other Spanish legends.
Those who really want to experience traditional Spanish nightlife should head down Marbella on the southern coast of Spain, or the Costa del Sol. The backdrop of this town is are the Sierra Blanca mountains, which give way to the 27 km of sandy coastline that is Marbella. You will find the “Golden Mile” along this coastline which includes nightclubs, coastal statins, luxury yachts at the Puerto Banùs Marina and many upscale boutiques and restaurants.  
Lovers of modern architecture should take a cruise down the streets of Barcelona and marvel at the architectural genius of Spain’s most famous architect: Antoni Gaudì. Among his most famous works are Casa Batllò and the Sagrada Familia church. Barcelona is also famous for wonderful shopping, an animated and buzzing nightlife, and vibrant culture.
Wherever your travels in Spain may take you, Primerent will help you find the luxury car that is right for you. Why not travel in style, elegance and comfort?