Rent a Minivan in Italy and Europe

____Renting a Van is ideal when you need to travel in a group, no other category of car guarantees space and seats that such cars are willing to make available.


Usually structured on three rows of seats, the interiors of each model in the category in question provide from a minimum of 7 to a maximum of 9 seats. Precisely this characteristic makes Van rental perfect for trips for larger families, or for those who intend to travel with their group of friends for a special occasion. The imposing dimensions of the Vans are also combined with the particular conformations of the seats, from 7 to 9 seats. The width, length and height of these vehicles are proportionate to the use for which they are intended, thus allowing you to travel in a group, but still in maximum comfort. Another typical aspect of these vehicles is the presence of sliding side doors. Such a solution means that the two doors, one on each side, reserved for the second and third row of seats, slide along the side, thus facilitating access to the seats arranged in these rows. During the rental of the chosen Van, therefore, even the entrance to the passenger compartment is comfortable and practical. This system is then accompanied by another one, this time intended to facilitate reaching the third row of seats, all thanks to the displacement of those in the previous row, which in some cases can even be completely folded on themselves. Renting a Van, therefore, ensures space, comfort and great ease of use, features that certainly make the difference in longer transfers, especially if these involve many people. The most exclusive models in this category are certainly those signed by Mercedes-Benz, where the incredible attention to detail is added to the characteristics described so far, palpable in the choice of materials and technological solutions, aimed at favouring both driving and passenger comfort. Furthermore, the Mercedes-Benz Vans also put in the conditions of being able to configure the passenger compartment as desired, thanks to the opportunity to modify the arrangement of the seats in the second row. The latter can be mounted with the backrests opposite to those of the first line-up, to make it easier for a conversation with the occupants of the last seat row. The result is to have a real sitting room on four wheels. Mercedes-Benz V-Class and Mercedes-Benz Viano are some solutions signed by the German brand for those who need to rent an 8-seater Van, while a slightly different speech concerns the Mercedes-Benz Vito. Unlike the other two models, the latter is made available by the house in both the 8-seat version and the 9-seat version, in this case with a 3-seat configuration per row. Even in the case of rental of a 9-seater van, Mercedes-Benz, therefore, offers an elegant and practical solution. The Italian brand Lancia and the American Chrysler, as part of the partnership that binds them, have instead developed two Vans, the Voyager and the Grand Voyager, with virtually identical lines and also equipped with the same 7-seat configuration. If you want to rent a 7-seater Van, therefore, the choice can only fall on one of these two vehicles. On this page, you can see the best models of Van, specially selected by PRIMERENT for your rentals in Italy and Europe. If you are interested in renting a long-term minivan, visit the dedicated page and discover the advantages that Primerent has reserved for all its customers. All you have to do is find out every single model and its characteristics, by filling out the availability request form, you will also have the opportunity to receive a no-obligation quote to rent the van you prefer.