Lamborghini Rental in Milan

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The quest for success at any cost, the hunt for perfection pursued even when it seems you have already reached it, is something present in the DNA of a Lamborghini already in the early stages of its birth. Curiously, in fact, one of the most powerful cars in the world was born because its manufacturer, Ferruccio Lamborghini, took it into his head to improve what already seemed a masterpiece -that is the Ferrari - quarreling with the patron Enzo Ferrari. Lamborghini was born from an altercation in the Maranello house. Already this anecdote tells us how to rent a Lamborghini in Milan means renting a car built in pursuit of perfection and maximum performance.

A Lamborghini will succeed in making exciting even the journey to reach its destination. In addition, if the final destination is Milan, then your trip will turn into an incredible experience. Milan is in fact one of the most elegant and exclusive cities in Italy. Capital of Lombardy, it is located in the historic industrial triangle together with the cities of Turin and Genoa, and has always hosted prestigious events. By renting a Lamborghini in Milan, you can fully experience the charm of this business city with its unmistakable appeal: whether you need to go to Piazza Affari, the Italian Stock Exchange, or you are in Milan just for shopping, that is the right place for you.

From Palazzo Mezzanotte, the beating heart of the city's economy, to the streets between Piazza Duomo and Via Montenapoleone, the so-called Quadrilatero d'oro, a Lamborghini will be your impeccable travel companion. Its angular lines, for example, fit very well with the spires of the Duomo: there is a certain stylistic continuity between the Gothic style and the "pointed" style of the Lamborghini. Moreover, staying in Piazza Duomo will allow you to reach the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, just a stone's throw away, for a triple glimpse of the bull's testicles and an aperitif “pit stop”. Alternatively, if you want to combine culture and gastronomy, the hire of a Lamborghini will allow you to reach the Brera district with muscular power. Not only it hosts the famous Pinacoteca, full of bars, restaurants and cafes, but also it is the perfect place to recover from a tiring day, in one of the most decadent neighborhoods in the past, now restored and transformed into a trendy place. By the way, speaking of places dedicated to entertainment, to get an aperitif through the canals – the famous ones crossing a part of the city- is an experience that cannot be missed.

Choose the model of Lamborghini you want to hire from those offered by PRIMERENT and request a personalized quotation; one of our consultants will take care of your request and will send you an offer specifically designed for the rental of the Lamborghini you requested. In order to give you the best assistance, the consultant dedicated to you will also be at your disposal for the entire duration of the rent of the Lamborghini you have chosen.

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