Mercedes Rental in Italy and Europe

____Are you interested in a Mercedes for rent in Italy, Spain, Germany Switzerland or France? On this page you can find all of the available Mercedes models that Primerent has to offer. Mercedes rental in Europe will make your vacation luxurious and elegant while giving you all the comfort of the world famous Mercedes brand. 



Primerent offers many models if you want to rent mercedes in Italy and Europe. From sedans to SUVs, your options are vast with Primerent. Try out the Mercedes ML, the brand new Mercedes S-Class 250, or perhaps the Mercedes Viano. You can choose your perfect model from the twelve models offered by Primerent. Primerent is dedicated to making your experience to hire a Mercedes in Italy unforgettable and flawless. 

Can you imagine driving down Italy’s romantic Amalfi Coast in an elegant S-Class 250 Mercedes? Well, with Primerent this is possible. We are dedicated to bringing you the best experience possible in luxury car rental. And we will cater to your needs. So whether you need to rent Mercedes in Rome, the Eternal City, or Milan, Italy’s fashion capital, Primerent will accommodate your needs. We are available all across the country with representatives that are experts in the field. They will even help you pick up and drop off your Mercedes in the most convenient spot for you, whether that is Naples, Palermo, Rome, Venice, Turin, or anywhere in between. 

On your vacation in Spain there is no better car than a Mercedes. Cruise down Barcelona’s famous boulevards behind the wheel of a Mercedes V Class. Or perhaps you will explore the Spanish islands, like Ibiza, behind the wheel of an elegant Mercedes ML. Wherever you happen to be in Spain, whether it is Madrid, Barcelona, Andalusia, the islands, or anywhere in between, Primerent will accommodate to your every need. We make pick up and drop off easy and stress free. 
Germany is the home of the Mercedes brand, and there is no better place to drive this luxury car than on the German Autobahn. You can drive as fast as you want, which is what Mercedes cars are built for: comfort, speed, and elegance. Whether you are in Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, or somewhere in between, Primerent will find a way to get you the Mercedes of your dreams. Ask for a free quote today. 

Switzerland, the banking capital of the world, is filled with scenic mountain roads. The towering Alps and the luscious lakes of this country give it an air of elegance. Behind the wheel of a Mercedes, you too will take part in this elegant land. Rent a Mercedes with Primerent and we will find you the perfect car, regardless of your location within Switzerland. From Zurich to Geneva to Lugano, Primerent is ready and available. We are dedicated to finding you the perfect Mercedes rental and giving you a flawless rental experience. 

Paris, the city of love and lights, is also the perfect city to see from behind the wheel of a Mercedes. Imagine yourself cruising by the Eiffel Tower, France’s number one tourist attractions, in a Mercedes ML. Wherever you may be in France, Primerent will ensure that you find the perfect Mercedes rental. We are dedicated to making your experience flawless, including pick up and drop off locations that are most convenient for you. 

For more information about Mercedes rental in Italy and Europe, you can fill out the free quote request form below. Select the car you want and provide a bit of information about your travel plans and a member of our expert team will be in touch with you shortly.