Ferrari Rental in Italy and Europe

____There are many elements that make up the DNA of Ferrari, from passion to commitment, from excellence to determination. The secret is in the wisdom which all these ingredients are combined with, day after day.


Do not give up passion; discover features and prices of the 6 models in the Ferrari range selected by PRIMERENT: Ferrari 458 Italia, Ferrari 458 spider, Ferrari California, Ferrari ff, Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, Ferrari 430 spider.

Renting a Ferrari in Italy and Europe means living a unique experience, an experience defined by years of history, research, luxury and innovation.  

Primerent offers 7 different Ferrari for rent, allowing you to choose the luxury car that is right for you. While the cars are different, Ferrari vehicles all share common DNA. The elements that make up the DNA of Ferrari are passion, commitment, excellence and determination. The secret to the excellence, comfort and luxury of Ferrari is the wisdom behind every single ingredient. Day after day, year after year, Ferrari continues to dominate the luxury car market. 

You too can experience the pleasure and excitement of driving this legendary Italian sports car when you rent Ferrari with Primerent in Europe. Primerent offers seven different models available in five European countries: Italy, Spain, France, Switzerland and Germany. The available models are: the Ferrari 458 Spider, Ferrari California, Ferrari 458 Italia, Ferrari ff, Ferrari 430 Coupe F1, Ferrari 430 Spider F1 and finally the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta.

Italy and Europe are best discovered behind the wheel of a luxury car. Imagine yourself cruising down the Autobahn behind the wheel of a Ferrari 458 Spider. Or perhaps you will take a leisurely drive down the Amalfi Coast with your Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. Choose the Ferrari model that is right for you and Primerent will take care of the rest. We are happy to organize convenient pick-up and delivery locations as well as help you organize your journey. Our expert team is always available for questions. 

Do not give up your passion for luxury, speed, and vitality. Rent a Ferrari for your Italian and European vacation. Primerent offers Ferrari rentals in Italy, Germany, Spain, France and Switzerland. You can even request a free quote online beforehand. Just fill out the simple quote request form with your information and a member of our expert staff will contact you shortly. All of us at Primerent are looking forward to hearing for you. 

Treat yourself. Find out more about Ferrari rentals in Italy and Europe with Primerent today.