The rental of a Ferrari 488 Spider adds to the Ferrari 488 the opportunity of driving an open-roof supercar, fully enjoying the incredible emotions that only Ferrari cars can offer.

Engine power
670 hp
Engine capacity
3.902 cc
Maximum speed
325 Km/h
Url catalogo boutique
3,0 sec
Caratteristiche aggiuntive
670 cv
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Rent Ferrari 488 Spider


Aggressive lines dominate the design of the Ferrari 488 Spider in every detail, from the huge front air intakes to the veining of the bonnet, through the side skirts and the air intakes on the rear wheel arches, up to the air extractor and to the two split exhausts.
All these features show the fact that renting a Ferrari 488 Spider will allow you to experience unique sensations, but if this is not enough, then its engine will dispel any doubt. A V8 turbo engine with 670 hp, able to reach 325 km/h and starts in just 3 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h, is the heart of this Ferrari spider. ____
Rent Ferrari 488 Spider


The performance of this sports car, therefore, is at the top of the category and immerse the driver in an exclusive and exciting universe. Renting the Ferrari 488 Spider also means choosing a high-tech supercar. This model of the prancing horse is equipped with an exceptional 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, while the braking system is by Brembo. The sophisticated electronics, instead, is designed to manage the traction and allows them to choose the right "driving mode" depending on the situation. ____
Rent Ferrari 488 Spider


The interior of the Italian supercar is also designed for sporty driving, while the sheet metal bonnet has been developed to optimize both comfort and driving behaviour, thanks to its stiffness. During the rental of the Ferrari 488 Spider, therefore, the shaped seats favour an excellent control of the Maranello sports car, while the rigid electric opening roof allows an easy passage of the car from a coupé to a spider and guarantees excellent insulation from the outside. ____
Rent Ferrari 488 Spider


To receive more information on the Ferrari 488 Spider rental, fill out the on-line availability request form, within 24 hours one of our consultants will develop a personalized quote for your needs so that you can receive the type of Ferrari 488 Spider rental more suited to you. The PRIMERENT personal consultant, in addition to following you and assisting you throughout the booking process, will also guarantee you full support in your driving experience, so that you can rent the Ferrari 488 Spider in peace and quiet.____