Jaguar makes its debut in the Sports Utility Vehicle segment with the Jaguar F-PACE, the first SUV of the British brand.

Engine power
300 cv
Engine capacity
2.993 cc
Maximum speed
241 Km/h
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Caratteristiche aggiuntive
3.0 Diesel
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Rent Jaguar F PACE


The Jaguar F-PACE is characterized by an impressive profile, the large grille dominates the nose of the car, while, typical of the rear of the car, is the massive tail and strongly tilted. It is precisely these characteristics that give the car the "jaguar" a solid air, which transforms the rental of the Jaguar F-PACE into the perfect solution for those who want a Sport Utility Vehicle that communicates strength and grandeur. At the same time, the first Jaguar SUV brings together the British brand's sporting heritage in some details, such as the design of the front headlamps, with their aggressive profile, and in two particular elements of the rear of the car, the high and double spoiler drain.____
Rent Jaguar F PACE


Hiring Jaguar F-PACE, can be the right solution even for those who want a car from the air, and not only, sports. This model of the English house, in fact, translates its sportiveggianti features, in performances of the same character. The road holding is always the best and the change at the wheel, with the typical paddle that allow you to speed up the transition from one to another, are elements that allow, therefore, to engage in a rather dynamic driving with ease. Yet, the British Sport Utility Vehicle also takes on its typical Anglo-Saxon elegance.____
Rent Jaguar F PACE


The interior of the Jaguar F-PACE reinterprets the classic and elegant English style in a modern key, thanks to the digital elements of the dashboard, and ensure a high comfort for all occupants of the SUV signed Jaguar. The massive tail, then, has been designed to provide a large cargo area, inside which to cram even the most voluminous suitcases. Traveling on board this car, therefore, is able to ensure both high safety and incredible comfort, without neglecting the driving dynamics. Hiring Jaguar F-PACE, therefore, means choosing a car with a unique philosophy, able to connect characteristics that would seem in reality to the antipodes. The choice of this car can therefore be an excellent response to the most varied needs, from that of a spacious and comfortable car, great for a long trip with the family, to that of a car to be used in the life of all days that is however able to distinguish itself from all the others.____
Rent Jaguar F PACE


To receive more information on the Jaguar F-PACE rental possibilities you can fill out the online availability request form, within 24 hours one of our consultants will answer you with the form of Jaguar F-PACE rental that best suits your needs and specifically designed for you. In this way, you will have the advantage of a fully developed service to your measure. Furthermore, renting a Jaguar F-PACE with PRIMERENT will guarantee you a dedicated assistance service. In fact, our consultant reserved to you will be at your disposal for the entire duration of your rental.___