Hiring the new Mercedes-Benz G-class lets you dive into an exclusive, unequal and timeless world.

Engine power
245 cv
Engine capacity
2.987 cc
Maximum speed
160 Km/h
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Rent Mercedes-Benz Classe G


The line of this German Sport Utility Vehicle is timeless and unique compared to the one of any other car. Its design, from the front to the roof, from the doorsills to the squared rear, is the calling card of the Mercedes-Benz SUV, the same compared to the first model of the category. The doorsills and the projecting bumpers combined to the height of the car, make this vehicle powerful and impressive. The driving of this SUV of the "three-pointed star” House is like no other. Its robustness and the height from the ground allow the driver to ride dirt roads, the all-wheel drive and the powerful let the car cross the deepest ford and the bumpiest ride as well. The rental of a Mercedes-Benz G-class means choosing an off-road vehicle.The look is austere, but the surprise comes out when you watch the details carefully, it is unexpectedly polished.____
Rent Mercedes-Benz Classe G


The car has been assembled meticulously without leaving any detail to chance. In addition, its squared line lets the interior being spacious and comfortable. The rental will be, therefore, the right choice to get comfort even during long and demanding journeys. The interior equipment is a mix of elegance and technology. The multifunctional steering includes many buttons and the large digital screen together with the GPS is well visible on the dashboard, right above the switches for the differential gears.
Rent Mercedes-Benz Classe G


The generous seats are well upholstered to come out as comfortable as if you decide to rent a Mercedes-Benz G-class for your journeys. They wrap the occupants and give the driver the right ride on dirt roads. The central tunnel includes the classic compartment and the touch pad, and it is also well upholstered to become an armrest useful to get relaxed during the drive.
Hiring the new Mercedes Benz G-class means not just choosing a Sport Utility Vehicle, but also an exclusive car, suitable for any kind of driving. ____
Rent Mercedes-Benz Classe G


To learn more on how to rent a Mercedes-Benz G-class, fill out the availability request form, a consultant will get in touch with you within 24 hours to assist you in hiring a Mercedes-Benz G-class by choosing the set that suits your needs and facilitating your experience. In addition, the personal PRIMERENT expert will be at your complete disposal even during the driving performance to give you all the necessary support and make you feel comfortable.____