Maserati rental in Italy

    To rent a Maserati in Italy with Primerent is quick and easy.
    Just choose the model of Maserati that best suits your needs and fill out the request form. The hire of a Maserati will project you into a world of elegance and exclusivity, all in full Italian style.

    The Maserati brand is an icon of the history and culture of the Italian sports car, which carries on collecting success after success from the international critics throughout the years. All this thanks to the refined design of its cars, which has always characterized this historic Italian brand; a hundred years after its foundation, in fact, the Modena car company continues to produce high-class cars, fast and reliable, never forgetting to bring the Italian combination of luxury and craftsmanship higher and higher, without giving up technological innovations. Maserati was born as a racing car, and it retains this approach in its DNA. So yes to the elegance, without forgetting an extraordinary power.

    On the occasion of its centenary, Maserati has announced an artistic partnership with the historic Italian fashion house Ermenegildo Zegna, which has always been a producer of luxury and refinement without forgetting the careful attention to details. Therefore, the rental of a Maserati means choosing a car capable of offering high-level performance without neglecting attention to style, in order to ensure comfort and elegance in the purest Italian style. It means driving a car designed and treated in a rigorous and flawless manner, which combines the power of the engine to the class of the interior. A successful mix of elegance and street performance.

    In fact, Maserati is synonymous with sportiness and, consequently, with performance, with the two sedans of the historic trident that are not even an exception in this, both being developed with materials and technical solutions aimed at obtaining maximum performance. There you see that the hire of a Maserati also proves to be an experience able to excite the dynamic qualities of these cars. From the Quattroporte to the Cabrio passing through the new SUVs, every car is designed and built to excite: technical skills, liveliness and brilliance while driving, refinement of the interiors and stylistic solutions. Every detail in the right place and the right sprint will allow you to turn every trip into an unrepeatable experience. The sense of freedom of a convertible, the sure power of a Quattroporte, the gritty elegance of an SUV, the luxurious refinement of a Gran Turismo. The car is able to satisfy every need, both in case of short distances and in case of long journeys. Opting for a car rental means then starting a journey in the best way, yours, the one that most reflects your style, without giving up the pleasure of driving.

    To rent a Maserati in Italy and southern Europe, select the model, view the prices and the technical data sheet and request a personalized quotation: one of our consultants will develop the best offer for you, so that you can rent the Maserati more suitable to your requests.

    Below you can find different Maserati cars currently available for rental in Italy.