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Italy is a nation in southern Europe. Bathed on three sides by the sea, it is characterized by the shape similar to that of a boot that extends into the Mediterranean Sea. It has a wonderful sea, breathtaking views and uncontaminated landscapes. Its particularity consists precisely in the great variety of landscapes that you run into. They range from the most industrialized and modern in northern Italy, where you can breathe the modernity of a constantly evolving world, up to typical mountain or marine villages of Southern Italy, where you still seem to be able to grasp the authenticity of ancient traditions.

If you really want to breathe the Italian atmosphere, the best thing to do is to rent a Mini and slowly travelling along all its streets. You will thus have the opportunity to discover with due attention every inch of this splendid peninsula, which also preserves in its most forgotten country a historical or artistic testimony that is worth knowing. And, if it does not exist, you will at least enjoy the good food and the warmth of its inhabitants, and that is itself a worth living experience.

In fact, Italy retains a good part of the world's artistic heritage, made up of churches, monuments and works of art, but it is not only this: it is also the beauty of the historical centres, the affability of its people, the pleasantness of the climate, the absolute goodness of its cuisine. It is much more. It is to discover places, anecdotes, curiosities, legends, characters. A trip to Italy is a guarantee of unique and unexpected emotions: the sight of the ruins of a castle, a walk in an archaeological excavation, or simply the narrow street of a small village that has already conquered us for its historical charm will be experiences not to forget, especially if done on board of a Mini. To hire a Mini means adding a touch of liveliness and dynamism to your travels, declining them in pure British style. Mini is in fact the British brand that, thanks to the invention of Cooper, has revolutionized the history of the car, giving life for the first time to the concept of small car but dynamic and fun to drive, which winks at a young and active target.

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The values that have distinguished the first Cooper are still typical of every model produced by Mini, whose range has however largely differentiated thanks to the convertible, coupé and SUV versions of the great English classic. Of every car of the English brand, now produced by BMW, you immediately appreciate the unmistakable shape, which has made it one of the most popular cars on the market. The rental of a Mini means having the opportunity to make any journey in a functional, fun and young style, quick and with excellent performances. It means becoming immediately recognizable, not giving up a strong personality and an almost iconic style even while travelling.

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